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Fall in Love With Your Lab Coat

For most women, gorgeous hair is considered their crowning glory. As a doctor, your crowning glory is that pristine white coat you wear, embroidered with that coveted “M.D.” affixed to your name. And why wouldn’t it be? For at least four years, you had to crawl your way out of an avalanche of reading material each night, sometimes with the only things keeping you going are iced coffee and your burning passion to save lives through medicine. If you are ready to take your professional career by storm, best lab coats for female doctors products would definitely help you exude confidence and command respect in your workplace.

What Makes a Doctor’s Lab Coat Different

From a non-scientific professional’s perspective, lab coats are all the same. White, long-sleeved, maybe a pocket or two? While that is generally correct, what makes a medical doctor’s white coat different from other scientists’ lab coats is that the coat is typically awarded during a white coat ceremony. While there are other health professionals that also wear white coats, a medical doctor’s white coat is knee-length, long-sleeved, embroidered with the doctor’s name and title, with 2-3 pockets built-in, and of course, white in color.

What to Look for When Selecting a Lab Coat

best lab coats for female doctors

Since you will be wearing your white coat almost every day, depending on your specialty and workplace’s dress code policy, it would be wise to invest in a durable, comfortable, and flattering coat. Carefully measure yourself (or have a friend help you out) and compare it to the sizing chart of the coat supplier. This will ensure a comfortable and flattering fit for you, which can be one less thing to stress over while you’re doing your trying to save lives. Another important aspect of your coat to consider is the material. Cotton and cotton-blends are breathable and easy to wash, however may pose a risk of transmitting germs. More synthetic materials such as polyester are lightweight yet durable, as well as water and stain-resistant. Whatever your choice, you will be sure to walk around the hospital in utmost comfort and style.