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Did You Know These Dental Exam Facts?

The American Dental Association recommends that everyone six months of age and older visit the dentist two times annually for a dental exam and tooth cleaning. These visits examine the mouth to ensure that cavities, decay, and other problems do not affect the mouth. But, the dentist does so much more each time you visit him for an appointment. Did you know that your exam includes these things listed below?

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1.    When you enter the dentist office for your dental appointment, he makes his first impression of your health based on appearance. This helps him get a better idea of how well you care for your oral health.

2.    A gum examination is performed along with an inspection of the tooth. Gum disease affects one in three adults and many of them are unaware the problem exists. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to root canals, tooth loss, pain, and other problems.

3.    Blow your breath and let the dentist take a whiff. Did you know that bad breath is an indication of oral health problems? While bad breath is something everyone experiences now and again, if it doesn’t go away, it could indicate trouble. The dentist will find out!

4.    Sinus infections cause misery to those who are affected. This infection of the nasal cavities oftentimes causes sinus drainage that seeps into the throat and the mouth, resulting in many different problems, including oral inflammation.

5.    The dentist exams your tongue during your examinations. It’s important your tongue contains tiny white nodules. Oral cancer is oftentimes detected by the lack of these nodules on the tongue.

Make an appointment with a family dentistry kansas city mo clinic to keep the smile of everyone in the family beautifully protected. This is an appointment that you cannot afford to miss.