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Don’t Settle when it Comes to Your BPH Treatment

Benign prostate hyperplasia, or better known as BPH, is a fairly common condition that affects millions of men all over the world. The majority of men who develop BPH and its symptoms are middle-aged, typically starting at the age of fifty, and the prevalence of BPH increases to 80-90% of men by the age of eighty and above. BPH is not a death sentence on its own, but without treatment it may be a harbinger of the much-dreaded prostate cancer which is almost incurable after a certain stage. Luckily, BPH can be surgically treated and the effects of the enlarged prostate and risk of developing prostate cancer diminish immediately afterwards. If you have BPH or know someone with BPH, be familiar with new bph treatment options.

How do I Know I May Have BPH?

Although BPH should be clinically diagnosed by your physician, knowing the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of BPH can help you know when it is time to get checked. Firstly, your age and family history is a major factor. Men approaching middle-age should have themselves screened annually by a doctor in order to detect BPH as early as possible. Signs and symptoms of BPH include difficulty initiating urination, increased frequency, and urinary incontinence.

How is BPH Diagnosed?

new bph treatment

If you show any of the signs or symptoms stated above, or have any risk factors, it’s time for a checkup. Your doctor will determine if you have any prostate enlargement by performing a digital rectal examination. This procedure is done with the utmost care and your physician will ensure that you are comfortable at all time. The rectal exam may be followed up with blood extraction and testing to determine your levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). An enlarged prostate and high levels of PSA are diagnostic of BPH. Once diagnosed, you will be presented with your available treatment option.